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A big collection of my notes for Capture The Flag (CTF) challenges or Hacking in general
Contains lots of copy-paste-ready commands/scripts to get things done quickly
I aim to explain as much as possible how and why the attack works
Inspired by HackTricks but in my style, and including all the experiences I've had
This book won't ever be 'done' as I will keep updating it while I learn stuff. You can
Watch the RSS feed on my GitHub repository to see every change that happens!


I make a lot of writeups on my blog where I explain how I solved a specific fun challenge. This is often to explain to others, but also partly to look back on if I remember that I have done something, but not exactly how.
Blog | Jorian Woltjer
My blog where I post CTF writeups, and general Hacking-related things
This book aims to be a big encyclopedia of everything I know about hacking. That way I can always look back at this book if I have done something before, without needing a full challenge with a writeup. Everything is written by myself unless specified otherwise.
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